Tampa Bay Car Detailing Basics

What’s up?! Welcome back to The Hotel Orlando FL. Today, we’re going to be covering 7 detailing tips, tricks, and techniques from Tampa Bay Car Detailing. Throughout this post, we will reveal some secrets that car detail services won’t tell you. We want you to level up your car detailing skills, so we are providing them for absolutely free. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Always Use a Dedicated Wheel Bucket - When you use a dedicated wheel bucket and dedicated wheel brushes, you prevent cross contamination. The wheels are the dirtiest parts of the vehicle, so we don’t want to clean the paintwork with the same bucket that we use to clean the wheels. While detailing your car in Florida, always keep the supplies used on the wheels separate from the supplies used on the paintwork!


Protect your Paintwork - The clear coat is the protective layer of paint on your vehicle. Unfortunately, the clear coat is as thin as a sheet of paper… But it’s still durable. If you’re serious about the condition of your vehicle, then you need to protect the clear coat with a wax, paint sealant, or ceramic coating. Regardless, you want to protect your paintwork against the elements. The UV rays from the harsh Tampa Bay sunlight will deteriorate your paint, so take this tip seriously!


Always Wear Protective Gear - In addition to wearing protective gloves, we always wear eye protection too. We wear nitrile gloves because they prevent car detailing chemicals from reacting with our skin. Essentially, the gloves block the chemicals from entering the pores of our skin. Like we said, you should wear eye protection too. Although wearing a mask isn’t comfortable, you should wear a mask while you work in a closed environment. We take protective gear seriously, and you should too!


Wash Your Vehicle in Straight Lines - When washing your vehicle, ensure you wash your vehicle in straight lines. Depending on the direction of the wind, you should park your car with the wind flowing over the hood (just like on the highway). When people wash their car, they tend to use circular motions. However, you should never utilize a circular wash or drying technique. The majority of scratches and swirls occur during washing, and it is much easier to correct straight scratches than circular scratches. 


Avoid Working in Direct Sunlight - If possible, avoid working under direct sunlight in Tampa Bay, FL! Additionally, you should work on cool surfaces, in the shade, or in a garage. If you must work outside, try working as early or late in the day as possible. Unfortunately, the majority of car detailing chemicals are meant to be used at room temperatures. If you can avoid washing a car in direct sunlight, then you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. In direct sunlight, water tends to evaporate quickly… leaving your vehicle with lots of water spots. 


Read the Car Detailing Instructions - Seriously, read the instructions on the label! Even though you may be super excited to use a new product, the manufacturers put instructions on the labels for a reason. We’ve used loads of car detailing supplies in our career, and we read the label every single time. 


Use the Two Towel Method for Automobile Glass - When you clean your car windows with the two towel method, you should have sparkling clean windows when you are finished. With the first towel, you should apply your favorite glass cleaner. However, you must ensure that it is ammonia free so it’s safe on tinted glass. After applying the glass cleaner, wipe the window clean. Then, use your second towel (dry microfiber) to buff the glass. Although this seems simple, the second towel ought to eliminate annoying streaks on your windows.  


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