Orlando Car Detailing

Welcome back! At the Hotel Orlando FL, we've been busy working on new reviews! If you're a resident in Orlando, then we wrote this review for you! On October 31st, we hired Orlando Car Detailing. Unfortunately, we needed professional auto detailing for our newly purchased vehicles. Although they were relatively clean, we wanted a professional to detail them.


After searching for a few minutes, we came across a few reputable car detailing companies in Orlando - Orlando Car Detailing, Orlando Auto Detailing, and Orlando Mobile Detailing. Ultimately, we hired Orlando Car Detailing since they had exceptional customer service. Also, they offered a convenient mobile detailing experience in the Orlando, FL area. If you'd like to use them, then you can find the business information below.


Orlando Car Detailing

1694 Foxboro Dr Orlando, FL 32812



We were extremely happy with the car detailing services! John with Orlando Car Detail was extremely professional, and he explained his entire detailing procedure. First, he washed the exterior of the vehicle with microfiber cloths. Second, he professionally detailed the interior of our vehicles. Last, he applied wax to the exterior of the vehicle. As you may expect, the results were amazing! We'll be using John with Orlando Car Detailing for many years to come! If we were happy with the services, then you will be too!